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Signature Collection


Cinnamon leaf, bergamot, nutmeg, incense, white cedar, spiced honey, geranium, lavender, patchouli, dark vanilla amber, sandalwood.

Anjou pear, bergamot, heliotrope, liquorice, vanilla bean, musk.

Blackberry, raspberry, rose, jasmine, vanilla, musk.

Cinnamon, clove, jasmine, thyme, sandalwood, patchouli.

Lime zest, lemon verbena, coconut, peach, vanilla, buttermilk.

Orange rinds, spearmint, green pear, water, cucumber, ginger root, violet leaf.

Orange, cinnamon, clove, green pear, coconut, vanilla.

Mandarin, pine needle, grape, neroli, vanilla, malt, jasmine, cedar wood.

Lemon, white ginger, bergamot, lemongrass, cyclamen, sage, thyme, musk, white cedar, vetiver, tonka.

Lime zest, mandarin, basil leaf, thyme, jasmine, cyclamen.

Buttercream, almond, coffee bean, malt, vanilla bean, sugar cane.

Bergamot, verbena, crisp ozone, wild lavender, willow wood, seagrass, orris, teakwood, cedarwood, white musk.

Sweet pea, bergamot, jasmine, fruit, ylang-ylang, rosewood, musk, wood, cedarwood, balsam.

Almond, white musk, malt, vanilla bean.

Cherry, nectarine peony, lily of the valley, musk, sandalwood.


Wanderlust Collection

Orange, bergamot, cherry blossom, mimosa, tonka bean and vanilla.

Strawberry, raspberry, buttermilk, malt, vanilla sugar and vanilla bean.

Eucalyptus, lemon, ocean breeze, lavender, driftwood and cyclamen.


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